Watch Joe’s appearance on the Nightly News here.

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Watch Joe and Attorney Robert Bernhoft Talk About Winning Against The IRS here.

Listen to Coast to Coast AM Host John B. Wells interview Joe here.

Watch this video of the jurors from Joe Banister’s trial explaining why they acquitted him of any wrongdoing

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Watch Joe Banister’s guest appearance with Congressman Ron Paul on CNBC’s Special report With Maria Bartiromo

Watch how the IRS Commissioner responds to a simple question posed by a New York Times Reporter as to whether “a group of people standing outside [the U.S. Treasury Building]” (standing in that group mentioned by the reporter was Joe Banister) are “required to pay taxes”.

Watch how a former IRS Commissioner reacts when confronted with U.S. Supreme Court decisions that prove the IRS is misapplying the federal income tax laws.

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